Why The ‘Ebony’ Bill Cosby Cover Is What Black People Needed

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By now, you’ve seen this iconic cover released by Ebony Magazine, showing the face of Bill Cosby with his television family strategically smashed under a glass frame.

Why is this iconic?

It finally says what needs to be said.

Bill Cosby has been a monster.

For many reasons, Black America has come down hard on Ebony for the Nov. cover. There’s been consistent oversexualization and systemic oppression of African American men and women in this country. I get it, but why did this cover need to happen?

There are many of us that still do not believe that Bill Cosby touched these women. They believe that this is a conspiracy to keep another black man down.


Here are some points.

You. Do. Not. Need. Drugs. To. Have. Consensual. Sex. With. Anybody.

In a sworn deposition, Bill Cosby confessed to getting drugs to provide to women he wanted to have sex with. He confessed this. It is a fact. It is true. It is documented.

Morality was Cosby’s brand, so it must be questioned.

Bill Cosby capitalized off his morale image for decades, garnering $400 million in assets and cash over his 60 year career. Let’s say Bill Cosby was a baseball player, Mark McGuire for instance confessed to using steroids. He retired and was pushed from glory, hurting future Baseball Hall of Fame chances. Bill Cosby gained notoriety off his image as America’s Dad, appearing in the kid-friendly Jello-O Pudding commercials screamed lovable, nice guy during my childhood. He even landed the reboot of, Kids Say the Darndest Things, not because he was a good host, but because he was a ‘dad’. Had his sexual issues been known, would he have still been the host of this show?

We cannot compare Jared from Subway or Stephen Collins, the dad on 7th Heaven, to the influence or treatment of Bill Cosby.

Jared, known from the Subway commercials went to jail. Bill Cosby has not. Stephen Collins, the father on the family series 7th Heaven was viewed on the obscure WB network during the late 1990s to the mid-2000s. Bill Cosby was on the #1 series and television network in America for 5 years straight. That has only happened with American Idol during its prime. Neither 7th Heaven nor Jared built their entire careers on the back of wholesomeness. Jared was just fat and wanted to lose weight. Subway wanted to sell sandwiches to fat people. He capitalized off losing weight. Bill Cosby built himself as a morale authority and made hundreds of millions of dollars for it. There is no comparison. There are too many black men that have been wronged by the criminal justice system and the media to use Bill Cosby’s privileged black elite status that has protected him from punishment for over 50 years, something that many of us black men will never experience.

There are black men in jail for crimes they actually DID NOT commit or come close to admitting to.

Bill Cosby and Heathcliff Huxtable are two different people.

One the Cosby Show, Heathcliff Huxtable was a great father. A loving husband and a great doctor. Cosby not only cheated on his wife once (and paid 100,000/year for 20 years to keep one affair secret during the 80s and 90s), but in the sworn deposition, he admitted to having at least FIVE extramarital affairs.

Ebony is not to blame for Bill Cosby’s sexual promiscuity and its effects on his legacy.

It’s sad that more people are angry at Ebony for the cover instead of Bill Cosby for giving drugs to mothers and sisters so he could have sex with them. Or for his extramarital affairs over decades.

Rape and sexual assault should not be taken lightly.

I had a family member that was a victim of rape as a teenager. She died still under the of the state in her 60s, never being able to live a normal, full life.

Rape is real. Sexual assault is real. Until we start taking these seriously in our community, women will continue to live under the shadows of something that is not of their own guilt. No. It’s not their fault. No. They didn’t have it coming. No. They did not want it.

We must remember something very sensical and tell critics:


Just because a woman wants to have sex with you does not mean that she wants you to rape her or take advantage of her sexually.



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