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361px-Gluehlampe_01_KMJAt what age do you no longer take bull (B.S.)? I began thinking about this as I watched people younger than me parade around saying they’re “mature” but I could see all of their abnormalities and inconsistencies. Yes, they have a decent job and maybe a degree but at a certain age…the first light bulb comes on.

For me, it was age 25 when I finally understood that life was not just about me, but also not about other people. Before then I remember making decisions based on how people felt. I was seen as “mature for my age,” but when I took a deeper look into myself I saw everything that people wanted me to be, but not who I was created to be.

Before the first light bulb turns on you find yourself dressing and even talking like everyone else around you. You are easily influenced and pick up other people’s bad habits. You may also make career decisions based on other people’s opinions and their fears.  Once my bulb finally turned on I figured it out…People want you to be afraid of the things that they fear. If they never moved or changed careers, they will make it seem as if it is the worse thing in the world to do; to take a chance and do what makes you happy.

It frustrates me, because many young adults believe that they have reached this “light bulb moment,” but fall into the same category as the average youth attempting to discover who they are. I remember chatting with a college student. He lauded himself, saying that he was making decisions that were “mature” and “enlightened,” but when I took a glance at his Facebook page, it matched exactly how everyone else looked and acted at his age. All I could do was point and laugh and say to my laptop screen, “You are the same as everybody else! Ha.”

The light bulb moment is when you realize this–who I am right now will most likely be who I am for the rest of my life. We will ALL go through changes here and there, but at a certain benchmark in your life you reach a level of maturity that continues into old age. You finally have wisdom.

You no longer feel like you need people to live day-to-day.


Many immature people come across as needy. They need a crew with them everywhere they go or a “BFF” following them around. They may even stick to a relationship because they feel that they “need” their significant other to go to work, out on the town, to school or even to church.

You will go through things during your lifeYou will lose a job or two. You will have to deal with death. You will go through a hard breakup or two. These things mature us into becoming the tested and tried human being that we are ultimately intended to be.

You will finally realize that with yourself, God, and with your family you can actually make it in life without the “extra.” You don’t need people’s approval to be who you are.

You finally realize at this point that you CAN change the world from where you are. You can change the little world that is around you.

When was your light bulb moment?




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