Wet Seal Allegedly Spray Tans Disney’s Tiana–Lightskin Is Rightskin?

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Online retailer, Wet Seal allegedly did something remarkably distasteful and egregious. Shoppers pointed out how they spray tanned Disney character, Princess Tiana from Tatyana Ali brown to a Jasmine Guy/J Lo beige. After it was pointed out on Wet Seal’s Facebook page, they “corrected” the “mistake.” Here are the screenshots. Judge for yourself.

wetseal1 wetseal2 wetseal3

I googled the top online, it still found the tank with lighter skin, but if you click on the photo, your browser will load the updated file.


Here is a Google ad with the Jasmine Guy Tiana.


Now, the tank is on the site like this. This was either the original or they made a shirt lighter before it was photographed. Or the model is the marketing assistant and they had her to come take another photo. Or this was all a misunderstanding….. bullshit.


This is an issue because there are still people that believe lighter skin is superior and “more attractive.” There is so much to say about this. So many African American girls grow up watching characters on television and film that look nothing like them, encouraging them at an early age that their features are not attractive. This is wrong. If this was a “mistake,” hopefully it will be magnified with social media so other retailers don’t make the same “mistake” like they did. This is not acceptable.



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