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While studying broadcasting I understood the professors’ reasoning behind advocating for more Blacks in newsroom,  there are a few behind the scenes compared to others. I understood that, but I didn’t understand her reasoning for there being more Blacks in newsrooms because of the need for fairness in the depiction of Blacks on the news.

…….until I experienced the newsroom for myself.

When you are on the scene of a crime you may tell the story from a different perspective. This may cause you to not show a mother screaming after her son has been shot or someone in the projects with rollers in their hair. A white reporter may not see this as a problem and looks at it as “just telling the story.”

Being a Black reporter, you may not even show someone Black speaking ebonics. Many times, images portrayed in the media paint a broad picture over all African Americans and concludes in some people’s mind that it is the norm in society.

So, the thug and the mother screaming on the 5 o’clock news are YOU and YOUR mother after work in some people’s mind. Stupid right?…but true.

I didn’t understand it until I was on the scene during different stories while working in radio and television newsrooms. I learned that a story can be told effectively without all elements being seen or heard.

This video is very comical but if the reporter had been Black, more than likely it wouldn’t have been told this way. The feminine, project man’s part probably would have been cut to a small sound bite or not seen at all.

We need more Black news directors, producers and reporters in the newsroom!

This video below will defend my position as to why.

(UPDATE) The station is now so proud of this story going viral that it now has this on its site, “Overnight internet sensation reacts to new-found fame” because of the video being on Mediatakeout, Facebook and Youtube. Sad, so sad.

(2014 Update: Antoine Dodson became an internet sensation, selling numerous singles based on his catch phrase “Call ya mama…” He later converted to the Black Israeli faith and denounced homosexuality.)

WAFF 48 “Woman wakes up to find intruder in her bed”: http://www.waff.com/Global/story.asp?S=12883477



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