We Can Hate Bill Cosby & Be Pissed About Tamir Rice at the Same Time

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There’s this discussion across social media that’s wearing me out and pissing off my kittens. It causes my blood pressure to rise above healthy levels and salt to gather from sweat on the back of my neck. The assumption that anger is linear and you can only be mad about one thing at a time or that all black people have to agree on what to be angry about.

This thought was reinforced with football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp posting this on his Twitter profile today:

You do know that we can be mad about or discuss two things at the same time…right?

The fact that Bill Cosby was accused by over 50 women and finally criminally charged shouldn’t equate to an innocent 12 year old’s life being taken away for being a kid by an over zealous police officer. These things do not match. Cosby was an adult. He made decisions that led to his demise. Tamir was being a 12 year old. He made decisions that a 12 year old would make.

Even if these things did match, we would still have enough intellect to choose how to apportion our anger. See, anger doesn’t work that way. I can be pissed about stomping my toe and burning macaroni and cheese at the same time.

What’s even more worrisome about this assumption is that it mirrors the why are you not mad about black on black crime like you’re angry about police brutality crowd. We can’t forget the What about Chicago? and What about black out of wedlock birth? crowd when you display your disdain for racism and police brutality.

Let’s not try to conflate these two news stories and how they affect eachother. If the Bill Cosby story is right, hundreds of people will be affected, not only the victims but their children and significant others. Tamir Rice’s family did not have their son opening presents during Christmas.

See, these two stories don’t match.  Let’s not attempt to act as if they are one in the same.

Bill Cosby was an elite, rich adult that got caught after 50 years of having his pants down. He’s lived his life.

Tamir Rice was a 12 year old kid killed while playing in a park. We will never see him again.

We can be mad about Cosby being charged or even hate him, but his love triangle and events around the death and justice for Tamir Rice are not the same. They cannot be compared. Stop it.



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