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Some people may not know what this is. Trolling is a phenomena where people sit at home watching MASH re-runs or put aside work during their 9-5 to stalk hashtags, organizations they do not like and their favorite social media pundits’ page….all day.

Really…all day.

One scholarly journal details it as “the practice of behaving in a deceptive, destructive, or disruptive manner in a social setting on the Internet with no apparent instrumental purpose.” This definition fits this situation.


A post was randomly re-tweeted on my Twitter homepage, where a woman was blaming President Obama for her baby losing his cardiologist. (I will not include the photo of the baby out of respect of the family.)

As if Obama sat in a Baptist fellowship hall chair and line-by-line created the Affordable Care Act. The House and Senate both pecked at the Affordable Care Act in committees, but Dems and Repubs both act as if they didn’t know details about ACA before it was passed. Honestly…they probably knew more than the President.

People can use social media for different things, but I believe it is in poor taste to use a baby as a political pawn. The public can be very cruel, why bring a kid into the volatile, sometimes horrible social media space?

So…in normal B. McCoy fashion…I replied with this.

Yes, @HollyRFisher..@BarackObama is after your baby. lol Now, post a pic of kids not taken care of because their state resists Medicaid.

Like really, 11% of the 7.9 million uninsured in the U.S. were Medicaid/CHIP eligible. Acting as if this is a child welfare movement, but not including the millions of poor uninsured children in the conversation THAT WILL RECEIVE NO CARE because their state denied Medicaid expansion for political reasons is dishonorable.

I then received this tweet from a king Twitter troll.

I define him as a troll because….It is almost 12 am as I write this blog….he is still tweeting, complaining about “liberals”…In the meantime, I’ve completed an 8-hour work day, had a salad, gone to a movie screening, caught up with a friend, gone to Starbucks for a tall mocha frap, caught the train three times, checked email, updated a gospel music website, watched three dog playing with a baby videos on Youtube, ironed clothes for tomorrow and scratched my feet.


I was busy working and could not respond to this earlier in the day:

Is this what we do? You tag an organization I’ve worked with for a decade, actually in the field–not just on social media–registering hundreds to vote, feeding the homeless, starting a scholarship program, organizing community forums and visiting schools to mentor children. Real work.

I was clearly not making fun of the baby in my tweet to Mrs. Tweeter. I had a WTF moment……just like the guy that responded to me. Many of his tweets can be deemed as disrespectful.


Eleanor Norton Holmes is a well-respected, 77 year old member of Congress from Washington D.C. who bravely worked Freedom Summer in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement..pretty much the real-life set of Mississippi Burning. She also took part in the sit-in movement and was arrested in many states during the 1960s–a courageous task that deserves life-long respect.

Just as his profile says….”Opinions expressed are solely my own”..The same goes for myself and the other Americans who do not agree. In fact, he can screenshot my tweet, take it to Kinko’s and make wallpaper out of it. It is MY opinion.

you mad?

If someone trolls you, the best thing to do is get your fix, then end the conversation when you want to. You cannot spend all of your time replying to people that get a hard-on from your replies. They feed off of it.


I did not respond to the many tweets I received after he tried to incite a twitter riot because I am a comedian online first. I will respond with non-stop first grade cracks about their ashy face and get no work done. This was my only response to the situation.




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