Sunday Best Season 4 Review

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Sunday Best

Sunday Best

BET’s Sunday Best premiered season four to 1.8 million viewers last Sunday. Social networks were booming during the show and many people did not like  judge, Tina Campbell’s attitude. As one contestant was auditioning she put her hands up within 5 seconds to stop her and said with disgust, “No.”

My video made last year had over 60,000 views before it was taken down by BET/Viacom due to a copyright issue. (It is still on facebook.) The videos shows her very ‘in your face’ personality.

We could cut her some slack, since she has to listen to people that can not sing all day. Also, the show may be edited to show more of her since Donnie McClurkin and Ericka Campbell are not the most comedic/entertaining television personalities for prime-time.

I honestly could not sit through the entire two-episode premiere. I was bored. I’d rather watch the show when it gets to the top 10. Then, you will see Donnie in his element, screaming to the top of his lungs (an anointed scream) and Mary Mary may ‘shout’ this season.

Kirk Franklin’s wardrobe from Baby Gap is also one of the features of the show as it is every season.

What do you think about the new season of Sunday Best?




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