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Socialist, liar, scared are all thing that were heard this week at town hall meetings across America debating about healthcare reform that has been a project for the Obama Administration for the past few months.

Commentators as Glenn Beck, Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly are all a part of a machine that has formed to put fear into the minds of those that are already fearful of a darker kind. This is the crowd that clinches their purses when a black man walks by. They are also the same group of people that run farther and farther away from the urban areas to get away from the “scary people.”

Sarah Palin even went as far as calling the Obama Healthcare Plan “evil.” Using such words are code to “be afraid of the black man.” They are also code words for a fundamental war that will place “good,” the right (Republicans) over “evil,” Obama/left (Democrats).

The Jon Sewart Show on Comedy Central has one of the best commentaries that explains the town hall meetings in opposition to the new healthcare plan. The meetings consist of shouting matches, pushing and shoving. You will see in the video below.

Playing on the emotions of these healthcare, extremely far to the right fanatics can only bring about hate, fear and anger. Eric Robert Rudoplph, for example, bombed an abortion clinic, a lesbian nightclub and the 1996 Olympics because of his disagreement with the legalization of abortion and acceptence of gay lifestyles by the U.S. Government .

Now, we can only get behind Obama and engulf friends’ email boxes with support emails and have our own rallies in support of the new healthcare plan. We were annoying with our support for Obama to be elected, let’s now be even more annoying and get behind him and get this healthcare legislation passed.

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