Remembering Great Broadcasters: Mike Wallace, Dick Clark…..Ed Bradley

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Ed_BradleyWith the passing of broadcasters Mike Wallace and Dick Clark this month, I’ve been thinking about those that have influenced me. One of them was Ed Bradley. He passed away in 2006, the year I graduated from undergrad, but his death didn’t get much press. There were news reports about his death,  but there was not really a large outpour from the public. His interviewing persona was so original on 60 Minutes. He was laid-back in his tone, but dominant with his questions. Bradley was just….cool. He even wore an earring during his interviews. How gangsta is that? LOL Mr. Bradley could get some of the best answers out of his guests. Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh gave him access for a sit-down interview as well as Michael Jackson. He was trusted and a great journalist that should also be remembered.


Rest in Peace Mike Wallace, Dick Clark, but I also remember you Ed Bradley.



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