Reflecting on my upcoming Annual 25th Birthday

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361px-Gluehlampe_01_KMJI’ve spent some time reflecting on my tenure here in Houston, TX and also on life.

Overall, life has been good. Eventhough I have been through a number of tragedies that few really know about, I can still say that I am better off than many people.

Life throws you shade sometimes, but you have to learn to take the bad as a learning experience and move forward. It sounds cliche’ but it really is the only way you will keep  yourself sane. The economy is down, people can’t get enough pay.

I don’t do YouTube much anymore because I lost my camera. It really hurt my feelings.

In this next stage of life, I am pushing my role as a publicist more after the advisement of a friend who just started his own record label. I’ve always been a publicist for people but never put it out there that it is a profession that I want to focus on.

I love PR. I love informing people. I love entertaining people.

Okay, here are some updates and bites…

One of my side hustles is promotions. I’m doing a promotion for a major cell phone company for a few months. Little do people know how good promotions pay. If you’re not making thousands per month in promotions, working full time, you’re being cheated.  I’m also writing a non-fiction book called “Kenny.” I don’t know when it will be published. I was pushing for it to be released by Christmas to get your holiday money. We’ll see. I will post more about it in the upcoming weeks. The full site version of is being launched this fall. My Houston site has interest from national artists now and becoming a respected source for music news and it just started 10 months ago.

I am also seeking employment in radio/tv in the D.C. area. My assignment is over in Houston.

Also, I’ve noticed that eventhough I am professional, I am also a personality. I love getting into arguments with my ex on twitter to entertain people.  —–> @RightsChamp

I decided at 25 that it would be my last time revealing my age, because I want to be considered “young” as I get more into television and radio in my late 20s/early 30s.

So, I am 25 until further notice.

August 19th is the date. I’m having a fish fry for my birthday.

Be well.




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