Pastor Tells The Saints That “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal” During Sermon

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I am no judgmental, stuffy, huffy puffy Christian. I think it is okay to wear jeans to church, women to preach, and a heavy set lady named Gwen to lead the solo during Women’s Day. But some things are just outta order. Pastor Jamal Bryant quoted R&B bad boy Chris Brown’s These Hoes Ain’t Loyal during a recent sermon.

As soon as I watched the video I looked like this:

Dionne Stare


I bet AME founder, Bishop Richard Allen is rolling somewhere in his cassock.  Is getting the crowd that important? Is that term/phrase needed to get the point across? It is not always fair to pull one quote from a 60 minute sermon, but he deserves this jab.

He has always been on my top five annoying people list, and this proves his standing. He is the king of the breed of preachers that base their entire being upon wearing designer suits. They deliver a sermon like this–They begin by talking low at the beginning,  insert good bible story, insert cliches’, insert the terms…“Baby mama,” “negro,” “baby daddy,” “hater,” close by talking loud, repeat what you said during the cliche’ period, then take up an offering. Yea, we are on to you guys.

Pastor Bryant, I am renaming you..Cletus.

Come on …Cletus.

The line must be drawn.




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