Punk Files: Bill O’Reilly–Calls black Ph.D. a ‘cocaine dealer’ on live TV

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Punk Files

Last night, in a debate about immigration and drugs on the U.S. border & and Obama’s plan to dispatch National Guardsmen to protect the border, controversial Fox News commentator Bill O’ Reilly accuses Columbia University professor Mark Lamont Hill, Ph.D., of looking like a “cocaine dealer,” but just …”a bit.”

How can a well-dressed, educated black man not be considered intellectual, but nothing more than a ‘cocaine dealer?’ His flip of the lip further displays his brutish, narrow-minded view of African Americans.

Hill punched back with another sterotypical reply, “You look like a cocaine user!’ (white men are sterotyped of being users of cocaine & designer drugs as crystal meth more than African Americans), but O’Reilly had it coming.

Can’t we all just get along?



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