My response to racist note at UAB (2004)

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As Black History Month comes to a close I reflect on it by posting articles I found in my email box and from a couple of tedious google searches. I am astonished by my personal involvement with civil rights at such a young age. I remember being fearless by what could have happened in response to my outspoken, militant behavior at times, wearing a small fro’ walking around campus registering students to vote. I was in Birmingham, Alabama, the city where much of the violence during the 1960s took place. I knew then the importance of youth involvement in the movement that continues today. This incident angered me because no action was taken place after the student reported it. So, I immediately called the office of residential life and they did not take me seriously. Then, I called a press conference and got the attention of the University’s president. We then met with her. Read below.


UAB chief responds to racist note

Was tacked to dorm room door; Garrison calls action intolerable


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UAB President Carol Garrison called a meeting Friday with campus diversity leaders and the NAACP chapter in response to a note with racist language and profanity tacked to a student’s dorm room door.

“I explained to the students how disappointed I am that that had occurred,” Garrison said Friday following a meeting with about five students.

“This kind of behavior just will not be tolerated and accepted on this campus,” she said.

University of Alabama at Birmingham police are investigating the incident, which occurred this week in Rast Hall.

Freshman Eduardo Mason, 19, who lives across the hall from where the note was posted, saw it, removed it and reported it to Brian McCoy, president of UAB’s chapter of the NAACP.

Both students attended Friday’s meeting with Garrison and said they were pleased with the results.

“I think they’re handling it pretty well,” McCoy, a 20-year-old sophomore, said.

The student targeted by the note has not been in his room this week, the men said, and he may not be aware of the message.

Garrison said the incident has spawned a broader conversation about how UAB should respond to such problems.

She said it would be premature to comment on possible punishment of the person who wrote the letter. If found, the offender will go through the student judicial process, she said.



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