Mentors, Organizations Can Still Save The World

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America is now facing a time in which many youth do not understand the past, nor do many of them understand the future that is quickly approaching. Many do not understand that they have the power to solve some of the issues that are ailing the people.
We are facing poverty and struggles within the family. Our men are being raised without a male influence, causing an increase in activity that is not of the making of a real man. Our youth are facing a decline in the importance of an education. It is now up to us to take on the mission of helping our children and our neighborhoods. What is faith without works?
There is no reason why our youth and neighborhoods should be suffering when there is an abundance of organizations in our communities. Why should a child who needs books not be able to afford them when a local civic organization, social and savings club, fraternity or sorority can make $1,000 in one night from a party or a banquet?
We work hard to reward ourselves, but after the last song has been played and the decorations are taken down, our communities are still in the same shape with no progress made. Why should a black male not understand what a father is and what it means to be a man when there are numerous fraternal lodges and organizations in our neighborhoods?
Some of our young women do not understand what it means to be a lady. Some believe that if a man touched her inappropriately or calls her “out of her name” that it is acceptable because she is being nurtured by the culture and not at home. This is a call to our politicians also. Why should teachers not be held to the same level of accountability as the students? Someone has to speak these things to wake us up.
Talk has gone on long enough. If your chapter of an organization or your church has a purpose to better the community, then start a scholarship program. It takes little to give someone a chance.
It takes two or three that are available to go to the schools and mentor a young man or woman, consistently letting him or her know that better days are ahead. It is time for us to take what we have and do what we can.
Serve your brother as if he was from the same mother’s blood.
Serve your sister to let her know that she is needed and loved.
Serve all mankind and keep our community within the greatness, the care and within the hands of our father’s love.
What is faith without works?


(2014 Update: This article first appeared in the UAB Kaleidoscope Tuesday, July 25, 2006)



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