This Man Beat Up The City Council, More Should Follow

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Jim King - Birmingham City Council

This local activist, Jim King, gave the Birmingham City Council a huge punch in their lower belly fat this past week, detailing the issues that are negatively affecting people in the city; including their botched, policed attempt to control high school students’ walk out (they did not agree with their favorite principal being moved to another school).

I wish more of us took a lunch break and went to our local city council meeting to let them know how we feel about the foolishness and fuckery taking place in our community. I visited the city council during my late teens and early 20s. Most people probably can’t leave their job to complain about a pot hole on their street or horrible bus service. One thing I can remember is the small crowd that attended the city council meetings that were held weekly at 9am.

The council was used to a love fest, people visiting to receive a proclamation to put behind their dusty desk, visitors presenting their Cherry Pie Fest schedule and random semi-crazy people that enjoyed being able to confront the politicians they see on television and make them squirm.

We must let our elected officials know what’s going on in our communities and not just show up when all hell breaks loose. The way King waved that dollar at the beginning of the video (because the mayor and council members received campaign contributions from “Haney,” the man that that owns the city’s Social Security building) and randomly said the SCLC “may have a shoot out on the bridge” made me belly laugh like Della Reese watching a re-run of Sanford & Son.

Visit your local city council meeting sometimes. You can usually view the schedule and agenda on the city’s website, most of the time. Visit these meetings! Our representatives need to hear our voice and know what people are really saying about them on the street.



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