A Letter to 2014 Graduates & Dreamers

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2014 Graduates

Dear Graduates,

I know it was hard to get where you are. I take education seriously.

People were fined in the US for educating African Americans. During the 1800s, in Georgia, whites were fined $500 for teaching a slave; in South Carolina and Virginia, a slave received 20 slashes if they were caught learning how to read, write or do math. Why is it that those in power found education to be a threat to their well-being?

Education is so much more than a degree or piece of paper. It can be the key to do so much more for yourself and your family.

This is the perfect time to go back to school if you’ve been procrastinating.

Student loans are an issue, but during a time when there are programs to assist with loan re-payment amounts that are adjusted to your income, not attending school for this reason is silly at best.

I worked full-time while attending school, was active in student organizations and the community. I quit the job I obtained after undergrad and moved away to attend graduate school. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Most positions that I searched for after completing grad school required a graduate degree or 4-7 years of experience, which many people entering a new field do not have. So, I encourage graduates to take time to breath, then apply to graduate school.

I encourage all procrastinators and dreamers with a dimly lit flame to consider returning to school this fall. Take the first step and apply, then see what happens.

I salute all students for their sacrifice and willingness to overcome any obstacle that was set before them!

Congratulations Class of 2014!



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