I’m turning…..Over 25…..again

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B McCoy

This week is my birthday. Being over the age of 25 another year is very surreal to me. It seems as if I was walking the halls of elementary school last year.

It has been a struggle to remain focused on so many projects. Maybe it’s just me but the closer I get to 30, the more goals I want to accomplish.

I’ve also been getting the “You look good for your age” since moving pass the 25 year mark.

What do you mean, “You look good for your age”?


That statement angers me.

It’s usually a comment made by those younger than 24.

They actually believe that they will stay young forever and being young is their focus, causing many of them to make an unusual amount of stupid decisions. El stupido.

Well, for those that support my videos, blogs and me as a person I have a ‘showing love’ section that will allow you to send me a quick birthday dollar or two.



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