Huge News–US Cancels Trademarks for Washington Redskins name

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This is great news. In a media fact sheet, the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board says:

The TTAB — an independent administrative tribunal within the USPTO — has determined, based on the evidence presented by the parties and on applicable law, that the Blackhorse petitioners carried their burden of proof. By a preponderance of the evidence, the petitioners established that the term “Redskins” was disparaging of Native Americans, when used in relation to professional football services, at the times the various registrations involved in the cancellation proceeding were issued. Thus, in accordance with applicable law, the federal registrations for the “Redskins” trademarks involved in this proceeding must be cancelled.

This makes sense. People ask, “why get offended over a name?” Would you like a team to be called the New Orleans Charcoal Faces or the Boston Pasty Whiteskins? The Redskin name means the same thing. This is a great thing.




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