Houston elects first openly gay mayor

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The first openly gay mayor of Houston, Texas was elected on Saturday night. This happened in the state where former president George W. Bush was governor and in a city that did not vote to allow gay couples’ partners to be included as beneficiaries on city retirement funds. Annise Parker garnered over 53%, a definite vote against Gene Locke, former city attorney for Houston.

parkerI do believe that her experience will work in her favor to be a great mayor of the city, however not agreeing with her lifestyle does not mean that she will not be able to serve the people of Houston. Spiritually, there may be an effect, who knows? Let’s ask ourselves this, if something that was not pleasing to God was public, does this mean that we would not be able to serve?

Does this mean that we will not be able to receive blessings from God? What if the headlines read, “Houston elects its first openly lying mayor” or “Houston elects its first openly porn addicted mayor”? Then, I heard on the radio callers saying they were “disgusted” when they saw Parker on the stage with her partner giving her victory speech. The angry caller also said, “Parker’s election is the church’s fault.”

These are the people that did not even vote! What if Locke was elected to office and became a liar and a cheat, costing taxpayers millions of dollars? Locke is a church member of mine, so we do share the same Christ-centered messages, so I would naturally favor him spiritually. We must also remember, we all have sinned. Not, “ya’ll have sinned.”

The finger pointing is probably one reason why so many gays are in church now. God is putting them right in your face to deal with, but yet we still don’t know how to deal with which we do not know. If you read the word (Bible), it gives instruction.



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