I value history very much. We learn from it to become better people and a better nation. These are people and issues that you should learn about and spread to build pride, awareness & education in our community.

A.G. Gaston

What Happened in Tulsa?

Update on Tulsa

Tulsa Reparations

Black Inventions

My heroes

Fred Shuttlesworth

His biography

Abraham Lincoln Woods

Glad to have worked with him with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference youth events for 2 years. I invited him to my college campus to speak about his experience in the Civil Rights Movement.. (He passed away & here’s the link to a video about him Courtesy Fox 6 )

Books that I suggest everybody read & have in your library for you and your children to pass down.

This is a story about the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Alabama and showed the capitalism, religion, real roots behind racism during the 1960s. It reads as a novel and not text book like. Click here BYE from Amazon.com

This book breaks down the history of African Americans from Africa all the way up to today with as much detail as you can include in one book. You can use this for reference. It even has the U.S. constitution in the back highlighted with portions that pertains to African Americans. There are newer editions. Click here BYE from Amazon.com