Where the Hell is Kim Burrell’s PR agent?

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Kim Burrell

Kim Burrell performing

Gospel singer Kim Burrell has become a household name recently due to outbreak after a video surfaced of her preaching comments that said “gays would die in 2017.”

During this past week, I have been confident that she would recover quickly, but recently BMI, one of the largest music publishing groups in the world, uninvited her from an event honoring her.  All I have to ask today is, “Where the hell is Kim Burrell’s PR agent?”

Following the outbreak once the video surfaced, national news outlets began picking up the story, primarily due to the fact that she is featured on a blockbuster film “Hidden Figures” with pop star Pharrell. She also performed on The Today Show and The Tonight’s Show in December 2016. Her platform began expanding at an astronomical rate. She responded with Facebook Live videos that were obviously not coached by a public relations professional. This was evident after she realized that the first Facebook Live video did not help the situation, so she posted another one. By the end of the video she was blaming homosexuals (her fanbase) not selling one million records or winning a Grammy.

To fact check here, Burrell being nominated for Grammys when album sales her not major, during a time when she was in competition with gospel superstars Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams who were backed by major labels at the time, that was a huge fete. Also, her singles crossed over but only have the cult following that mainly attracted artists and the black church sub group, homosexuals.

Since her videos, her performance on Ellen, radio show on KTSU and BMI Honors appearance were all cancelled. She piloted “Keep It Moving”, a TV talk show on Houston’s CW for national syndication in September 2016, that is sure to be on hold now as well.

Her lack of proper representation was also evident when she was a judge for BET’s Sunday Best, when she was confronted by a contestant in 2014 that spoke the now infamous words, “I been stopped liking you.” After the episode aired she commented on the situation at a concert in Houston siding with herself instead of the audition-er that traveled from the backwoods of the world after he became offended when she laughed following his performance.

Where is her PR agent? Where are her friends that will take on this project pro bono?

I believe that what we are seeing evidence of how an artist that is not backed by a major label will react during a public relations crisis. During this kind of situation usually a label or organization will usually have a conference call with an attorney, public relations professionals, management, the artist/leadership and A&R/administrative staff to discuss a strategy.

Kim…if you’re listening, if I were you I would set up a press conference with 20 homosexuals at your church that can detail what you have done for them, donate to an organization that specializes in LGBT homelessness, then adopt a gay baby and a gay cat.

From this point, all you can do is go up. Get proper representation today!




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