HBCU student dies in alleged hazing incident, worth it? Naw!

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Is it really worth it? Dying because you long to be a part of an organization? When does initiation turn into hazing?

These are all questions that need to be answered by NPHC organizations, students and universities. This comes after Donnie Wade died post initiation activities at Prairie A&M View University in Prairie View, Texas. The activities were allegedly a part of the initiation process into Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Some students call those who expose organizations that haze as ‘sell-outs’ for ‘dropping line’ and telling the truth.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Donnie was taken home after hazing exercises were over and fraternity members did not allow 911 to be called after he collapsed during the hazing activities.

Because this student wanted to join an organization that is to promote brotherhood, a mother has now lost a son. She will never get to see him walk across the stage graduating with a degree he worked so hard for. When he died, also did his dreams and future contributions to the community die. Someone has to answer for this.

His family has now filed a $97 million lawsuit against the University, as well as against Phi Beta Sigma.

The fraternity has issued a statement on hazing. (BELOW)




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