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The mayor of the city of Birmingham, Alabama, Larry Langford is one of the most creative and entertaining mayors in the United States. Because of this, many can not handle his brash and in-your-face kind of politics. He referred to acknowledging gay/lesbian week in the city as ‘condoning a lifestyle” and refused to sign a proclamation from the city or a parade permit. (Note: I do believe that he is hypocritical since he allowed strip clubs in the city where people have been shot, drugs are traded and women go home with men for “private shows,” which is highly un-bibical, but he focused on closing the 25-year gay institution The Screening Room. He clearly does not like the gays.)


Remember, Birmingham is the home of the Civil Rights Movement so that was a very brave thing to do considering the possible backlash from the community for not approving a parade permit to a particular community. (Birmingham Public Safety Commissioner Bull Connor arrested civil rights demonstrators in the 1960s for not having a “parade permit.”)

This is expected, since he is a Sunday school teacher and believer of Christ, but what’s even more entertaining and creative are the fliers he created called “Cycle of Stupidity,” referring to the City Council being slow and not approving all of his city projects.

Mayor Langford and Sign

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With all that being said, this does not condone the media stalking Langford. Today, I looked into local news reports from my hometown, Birmingham, Alabama. While doing so, I found a report by the Birmingham Weekly‘s Kyle Whitmire titled, “Larry Langford’s home out of range”.

In the report, it tells of how Langford is not holding up to his own standard of needing to be a resident of the city that you have so many concerns about. This statement is mainly due to many suburbanites from white flight areas as Trussville, Hoover, Mountain Brook and Pelham either funding or leading campaigns against Birmingham city projects and elections.

My response to this is that the “community” knows that Langford has a residence in Fairfield, and even while he was mayor of that city many in Birmingham urged him to run for the top seat years ago.

There is a video accompanying the report that’s titled, ‘Looking for Larry Langford’ and features a reporter driving in front of the mayor’s home in the wee hours of the morning to see if his personal automobile is parked out front. If the car is parked out front, this means that he is guilty of sleeping outside of city limits.

The people of Birmingham care more about school closings, crime and increasing jobs more than where Mayor Langford lives. The people that are against Mayor Langford are the same people that are against many of his progressive ideas (Olympic training facility, domed stadium, zoo expansion, light-rail/transit system). Why can’t Birmingham be a first class city? Why must the answer always be ‘No’? Sounds like the Republican Party’s answer to President Obama, doesn’t it?

I’m no card carrying member for Langford’s campaign, and I do have concerns over funding for some of his projects but it is negligent to hammer on someone that has ideas for a better city and not offer your own solutions.

He was elected in a landslide, capturing 50.3% of the vote in 2007. Considering there were 9 other candidates seeking the office, his election can be considered as a mandate from the citizens to move Birmingham forward.

Following the mayor’s Cadillac is “cute” but it is not helping the constituents or bringing light to the issues that negatively effects our community.

Like I said in my comedic-spoof video “Leave Larry Alone,” leave this issue alone. His living situation is trivial at best.

Birmingham Weekly, you get an F- for the week. With all due respect, the F stands for foolish. This deserves stupid in more than one language, but I don’t know any other ones.  I will make up a word in broken spanish, youstupido.

You be the judge. Watch the video below. Too far?

Looking for Larry Langford from bhamweekly on Vimeo.



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