There Was Almost Another Trayvon Martin

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A young man, returning home from a long night of work at McDonald’s was confronted by a man with a shotgun, accusing him of not living at his parent’s condo. These incidents are popping up across America. The criminalization of young black men seems to be at an all time high. Organizations like the NRA are promoting the Second Amendment right to bear arms, inputting into the minds of simple people that they need to “protect” their communities  from “thugs.” Thugs that do not exist in many cases.

We all know that “thug” is code for “young black man.”

They have even resorted to calling the President of the United States a “thug,” so this has nothing to do with black boys not “looking innocent” or being “dressed appropriately.” Repeatedly, President Obama has been called a liar, thug, pimp and even the most dangerous man in the world, also there is a current effort for impeachment on things that previous presidents have done ten times worse than Obama–this has led to the criminalization of the President of the United States. Not even the President is immune to the tactics of racists, so the action by these cowardly George Zimmerman wanna-bes are expected.

In 2011, Libertarian radio show host, Neal Boortz incited a riot when he encouraged his listeners to shoot “urban thugs,” saying people should “litter the landscape of Atlanta with urban thugs.”

What is a thug?

thug  noun \ˈthəg\

: a violent criminal – Merriam-Webster

Was this young man coming home from working at McDonald’s, accepted to college, a thug? He had no weapon. He is a high school graduate, heading to Prairie view A&M University in the fall. I guess he was going to strangle the man with left over french fries.

Boortz in his commentary went on to cite crime statistics that black people are 7 times more likely to commit crimes than whites, making a case for shooting black men. People like this never put statistics in historical or sociological context, including factors of poverty, unemployment, disparities in education or healthcare.

This needs to stop before more of our black men are killed by these ball-less, bloated, balding, fart-filled, castrated men.

Maybe if black men took a liking to the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, and began openly carrying firearms, this thug speak will end.

Remember…the powerful NRA had a long history of supporting gun control when black men were openly armed.

On May 2, 1967, a group of Black Panthers protested a gun control bill by walking into the California State Capitol Building fully armed.  In response, the legislature passed the Mulford Act. – The Root

….this led to Gov. Ronald Reagan’s infamous comment, “There’s no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.” He later supported less restrictions on gun control after Black Panthers were weakened and gun battles were restricted to black urban neighborhoods during the crack cocaine epidemic which still scars black neighborhoods and health to this day.

George Zimmermans, Neal Boortzes, and the like….Keep talking, encouraging vigilantism. These men would surely love to represent your platform of “protecting the community”…..but this time from real thugs like you.





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