African Americans need to vote, especially

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Voting booths

Voting boothsWhy do we fail to realize the lying voices of our politicians? We keep ourselves down by not understanding the power of politics. The pot-holed streets that cause our cars to get heavy repairs to the financial aid disbursement rates are both determined by elected officials.

The major crisis in our community is that, as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2000, only 1 in 5 African Americans 18-24 steadily voted from 1990-2000. This is a huge punch in the face of the bloody streets in Birmingham. It was that age group and younger that led the movement. It was that age group and younger that brought the governor of Alabama and the President of the United States to their knees during the ’60s. So why does this group not vote? Most said that the elections interfere with their work or school schedules.

That may be the reason; so what is the solution? An election holiday. Yes, an election holiday. Jefferson Davis can have a holiday in a state such as my own, Alabama. But let this election holiday be in remembrance of the four little girls that were slain in Birmingham. Let this day be for the foot soldiers that were brave enough to endure the cold pavement at dawn. Let this day be in remembrance of the souls lost from the brutality of the decades past. All we need to do is hold our elected officials to it. Petition them, call them, let them know your issue. We know that there is a charge to keep to our ancestors. The election holiday will have to be enacted to increase the participation and the awareness of the elections. But until then; as for me and my house, we are going to vote.



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