5 Types of People that Posted Negative Statuses on Valentine’s Day

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During Valentine’s Day this year, I did what single people do…hangout with my fellow single friends all day, then passed out. I went to a mimosa flowing event with friends, we discussed life, relationships and sex. The night before, I went to karaoke and watched people turnup to Patti LaBelle, OutKast and Beyonce’s Greatest Hits. Yes, it was fun. Some people can’t find something to fill this space, so they turn to negativity. Here are five types of people that annoyed me when I read their posts on social media, the day after Valentine’s Day.

1. The ‘I Got Issues’. The one that is not looking to settle down because of a past relationship, using attention on social media, sex or chronic dating for comfort. Their statuses may begin with, “I’m my own valentine….*includes photo going to movies alone or drinking a bottle of thot moscato alone….”

2. The deceiver. The guy or girl that showcases a hetero relationship online, but is really gay..So gay, they’re Marvin Gay. So, they take their dysfunction out on Valentine’s Day, because they’re in a Jerry Springer relationship.

3. The whore. This person does not care about a relationship and talks negatively about everyone else’s. This person is also pessimistic about all relationships and sent 5-10 identical Valentine’s Day texts. “Happy V-day Love/bae/boo (insert hearts, kisses here)”

4. The abandoned. This person has invested alot into a relationship, so they choose to give advice based on how they were abandoned during Valentine’s Day. Their hate is disguised as “advice.” Their statuses start with something like, “If a person really loves you…”


5. The brat. This person wants Valentine’s Day to be the way it was in the fourth grade. Everyone gets a card…so, they turn to social media to get virtual Valentine’s Day shout outs. This guy or girl probably posted a well-planned, well-thought selfie on Valentine’s Day to incite a deluge of thirsty messages.

My best advice for these people is….Get over it! Enjoy yourself. If you wanted someone, you could have had them. There were plenty of people on Valentine’s Day that would have wanted to be with you. It was your choice to be bitter. Take a big slice a big slice of no juan kerrs pie.

Did you experience these people too?



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