5 Reasons Why You Should Take The #WorshipChallenge

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There is a new online fad called the #WorshipChallenge. This social media explosion has caused people with small to large vocal ability the opportunity to sing their favorite worship/church song. Celebrities to the pew church member has taken part in the social media craze. Why should you take part?

1. God is worthy. Psalm 145 – Hey glorayyy! Ebo.


2. We post fight videos, secular music videos and say something nice challenge photos on our social media, why not post something that could lead someone to Christ? Many Christians also post subliminal messages to their friends daily instead of going to the person as the Bible instructs, Matthew 18 15-17. These sub-posts annoy me so much, I usually post this photo underneath them.

Dionne Stare

3. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. – Matthew 5:16. In whatever way you can, show people that you represent Christ. You can do this in your daily walk, but it is hard to see on social media unless you are Mother Teresa on the daily, posting photos of yourself giving $2 to the neighborhood wino in front of 7-Eleven.

4. It’s not the show us how you worship challenge, it is a record a video singing your favorite worship song challenge. It’s fun. It’s not meant to be deep. It does not apply to John 4:24, the you must worship in spirit and in truth verse. You do that on your own personal time. Worship is relationship-based. Singing is something we do at karaoke, in the shower, so why not sing and share your favorite worship song? Lighten up or get slapped by a little green Bible in your pie face.

you mad?

5. Someone may be in need of your song. Some may post a video for fun, some post their video as ministry, either way–there are people that will be touched by your video. After I posted my video, at least two people said they were “crying” or “got what they needed” from my silly challenge response. I wasn’t even trying to be deep, I just took part in the phenom.

Sometimes, we are so cynical that we miss something special God is doing..and sometimes this attitude is just. We all know two or three people on social media that’s in-self, posting self-indulgent videos and statuses about their life as a background singer, which means they sang in a mass choir when Kim Burrell performed at their local COGIC jurisdiction’s convocation.


Church people oftentimes mislabel silliness as discernment. Putting everything under a microscope is silly. Why? Because we don’t use that same lens for our own life before we make bad private decisions. How can our Christian, black community post on social media about #Scandal, a show about a woman sleeping with a married man, but can’t take part in a video challenge that shares something about our Christianity or relationship with Christ. We are finally injecting Christianity and godliness into Facebook’s social stream. This is a good thing.

Oprah proud

This is one fad to take part in and share. It is way better than the “Say Something Nice Challenge” that many Christians take part in daily on social media–which annoys me because people in fashion could easily rail on their clown, KG collection, church attire or lack of a dental plan, or receding hairline or dry weave. It is way better than the side-eye posts by Christians, discussing the errors of their ministry or others’. It is way better than the in-self presentations showing yourself dressed for church, but rarely post the scripture that the pastor spoke about that Sunday.

Some things are just what they are…Simple…..fun.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Here are my personal favorite #WorshipChallenge videos.



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