5 Questions for People That Believe The #McKinneyPolice Reaction Was Okay

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I have a few questions for people who believe that McKinney, TX police officer Eric Casebolt reacted appropriately to the teens attending the community pool party last week. My immediate reaction to the video that surfaced this past week was anger, leaving me asking many questions after I watched it for the first time.

Why did the officer tuck and roll? He says that he tripped. This was a move that’s taught to the military when approaching ISIS and a bank robber. He clearly thought he was a chubby hero on Beverly Hills Cop instead of an officer of the peace that was bringing order to teens flouncing in bikini tops, enjoying a pool party. This tuck and roll action makes it clear that he came on the scene assuming that these teens were criminals and was looking for trouble.

Why did the officer point his gun at unarmed teenagers? You don’t point a gun at anyone that’s unarmed or assume they are a criminal, especially not teenagers wearing a high top fades with brown highlights. This officer displayed his intent to join the “I feared for my life” crew, the police officers that use this line as justification for killing unarmed black men. How can you fear teens that weigh no more than 125 lbs, wet and in bathing suits?

Why did the officer allowed random men to assail the innocent youth? We don’t know who the overweight man in WalMart shorts was that was keeping the teens from walking away. How is this legal? What law did they break? Why was he not taken to jail for touching these children?

Why was the white teen that recorded the incident invisible? There was an immediate assault on black teens. Everybody was told to sit on the ground, even if you were the late person just leaving the restroom, scratching your head, asking what was going on, you could have possibly been arrested but had no idea what was going on.

Why didn’t they arrest the people that were fighting? Eye witness accounts are consistent that a racially charged argument sparked a fight, which was led by a person of non-color. Once they discovered who was actually fighting and who was the aggressor, why was this person not arrested?

I don’t care if there was a fight. I don’t care if there was a party with a pool full of vodka and lotion. You don’t throw a teen girl to the ground for having a smart mouth. You kag teens that fight. You don’t assume that everyone is guilty, pull up and round up only the black people like cattle.

There is something wrong if you believe that a teenage girl has a reason to be tackled and forced to the ground. Social media reveals the sickening thoughts by co-workers, friends and some in the media.

Somehow, it’s okay for adolescent behavior to be criminalized. Black children cannot enjoy what it feels like to be irresponsible–learn from their mistakes, then grow-up. They must be adults and be held accountable as an adult before they see their first chin hair sprout or attend the junior prom.

If you believe this is okay…Cole you stupid.



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