B. McCoy attends 2014 NAACP ACT-SO in Vegas, making a difference

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I had the opportunity to work digital media for the NAACP ACT-SO competition this past week in Las Vegas, NV.  During my time there, I met a great amount of super talented and weird youth that reminded me of myself at their age.




I’m glad that the program is about more than the arts, eventhough that is my strong point, it awards prizes in math and science as well. This is so important to our country and children. One study suggests that African Americans and Hispanics owe much more than their white and Asian counterparts by the time they graduate in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields–which leads to less students graduating with these degrees and less people of color that could be role models.


Tech giants, Google and Twitter are also overly white and male, they followed suit with many other tech companies and reasoned that there aren’t enough qualified minorities to fill their tech positions… bullshit. ACT-SO has prizes that range from $750-$2000 in cash, with students receiving laptops and scholarships.


This is a much-needed program and I’m grateful that the NAACP has kept it going for decades. I witnessed how the youth’s self-esteem increased after their performance. There were over 600 participants this year. Contact your local NAACP branch for ACT-SO information.


Check out my coverage on NAACP’s website for ACT-SO and youth and college, NAACPConnect.org.



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